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This is what one ink company suggests
Give this a try:

(1) Remove the ink cartridge from the printer. (2) Power OFF the printer for 2 minutes. (3) Power ON the printer and re-install the ink cartridge(s). (4) Run the head cleaning cycle.

Source(s): http://www.castleink.com

and here are a few more suggestions from real people.

I can offer a solution that WORKS!… at least it has for me for years…

When I get the ‘can’t recognize ink cartridge’, I pull out a plain ol WHITE ERASER! take out the cartridge and use the eraser on the chip. Be sure to brush off any pieces that might be left behind. Pop the cartridge back in and hit OK. This has worked for me for years!!! I hope it works for you all.

and a video as well- here are 16 suggestions to make it work.

I’ve found another solution. Look carefully at the position of the chip. I discovered that even a tiny misalignment of the chip (less than 1mm) can render the chip unreadable. I literally put a small piece of paper in the gap to realign the chip and all is now well! Providing the paper is in firmly and is small enough not to get in the way of the chip or the pins all may now work! I tried all the above solutions to no avail, but when I tried this one it worked. SX405 user. These were genuine cartridges but presumably shoddy workmanship – happened with 2 cartridges in a row.

I was having trouble with the ‘does not recognise’ error warnings..
i unplugged the printer for ten minutes, then I wiped the contacts of the EPSON cartridges with wet wipes/baby wipes, and that made it recognize them again.
Watch this video ” Epson Cartridge cannot be recognized”


My HP cartridge cannot be recognized- watch this video by HP.
Info supplied by HP.

Q: Why do I have lines in the printouts, especially Photos?
A; In many cases, your printer delivers streaky, line-riddled prints when it has sat for a while and the print heads are dirty or clogged. Epson printers are known to build up ink on the printheads even if it does not stand idle. A printer should never be idle for more than one day. If you simply do not have the need to use your printer that often, then you will experience streaking at some point and probably pretty often.

To clear your streakyness run a print head cleaning cycle or two to flush out any dried ink inside the heads and get the printer primed for proper operation. When the cleaning cycles are finished, realign your print heads to ensure they are all properly positioned and ready to go. If your printouts still have lines, try cleaning your print heads manually using Windex or a professional print head cleaning solution. You can also use Distilled water and cotton swabs to gently wipe away any dried ink that may have remained behind. Refer to your owner’s manual or manufacturer’s website for specific instructions on how to clear your printers print nozzles as each printer brand has a different process.


Q: Why do my HP ink cartridges show empty or low ink when I have just installed them.

A:The Hp cartridges that we sell  at a lower price are in fact refilled ink cartridges using original HP shells and original HP chips. We do not refill them, it is done by professional remanufacturing factories. This is the only “legal” way to remanufacture HP ink and the only legal way to be able to bring it to our customers at a greatly reduced price. An original brand set of Hp932xl will cost over $100 as ours cost $35. This is really how all HP generic brand ink cartridges work. Any that do not, are in fact illegal, and are using new chips that are placed on new shells which are produced by illegal Chinese factories. What do the Chinese care about USA laws.

 You may ask the question about when will you know when the cartridge is really empty. That would be when your printout shows its first streaky printout. I know it does bother some people to work on this basis but it is really the only way to save on printer ink if you have a HP printer. The other brands, Epson, Canon and Brother do not have these restrictions.The new Lexmark printers are also now free from these issues but alas HP persist in trying to protect their cash cow, the overpriced ink cartridge by using the USA supreme court system.

Why not just change out the chip. Well the chip is what HP calls their intelectual property that is not allowed to be copied.And the court agreed with them. So the refilled ink has to be sold with the old chip untouched.
No one is allowed to make a chip like that – but some do, that is true but still, it is illegal.
This applies also to some Canon PG models and also Dell and Lexmark. In fact any cartridge that looks like this picture below is a refilled cartridge and may show “empty” when it is in fact not empty.
WATCH THIS VIDEO:—————————————————————————————————————————————–

Q: Why are my colors not correct after changing my cartridges?

A: Peachtree INK comes across this question very often. No need to be alarmed. The ink in one or more cells has not made its way down to the nozzle yet. It will get there if you just allow a number of copies to come out with a “wrong” mix. Persist for about 10 pages and you will see the colors suddenly rectify. You could also do a nozzle clean via your printer maintnance software. That usually clears any blocked color nozzles and will force ink to flow. Watch this video below for a better way to clear your Epson ink nozzles and not use so much ink doing it. This video method allows you to target the nozzle you want to flush.

Q: What is your Return Policy?

A: Our return policy is “Whatever it takes to make our customer happy”! The product is guaranteed until used up. You do not pay for return shipping if items have to be sent back unless the mistake was from your side. If you wish to return any item, here is our address:
Peachtree Ink Returns,
816 Lazarus Drive,
Woodstock, GA. 30188

Q: What is the Sales Tax policy?
Peachtree Ink has no brick-and-mortar outlet stores and is a 100% online merchant based in Georgia. Sales tax is only applicable to customers in the state of Georgia. Below is a picture of the ink cartridge testing room in China.

Q: Some people say generic ink clogs the inkjet nozzles. Is that true?

A: No, absolutely NOT true – That is a story spread by the Big Brand name printer companies to create fear in people so they will continue buying only brand name ink. If generic ink did indeed clog nozzles, then we would not and could not produce the millions of units we sell around the world every day. It’s simply a myth that has been marketed to make people think that brand name ink is more reliable and more valuable .

Q: Is the ink dye based or Pigment based?

A: Our compatible ink cartridges are Dye based, the best quality money can buy. Remember that  the actual cost of the ink is very little, so we do not scimp on the quality of the ink. It is indeed the best money can buy. While Dye based inks will produce a very good photo image it is a known fact that dye based  photos will not last 100 years as will photos printed with original brand pigment based ink. However if 20 years is OK with you then dye based inks will do just fine. Remember that color photos have to be protected from sunlight no matter if they are printed with dye or pigment ink.

Q: My inkjet print head is clogged. What can I do to unclog it?

How to Unclog Epson Nozzles- VIDEO
Here is another quick way to get that ink flowing  – watch this short video

A: Clogging may occur when changing a cartridge or if the printer has not been used for an extended period of time. Print heads have tiny, hairbreadth fine nozzles. The ink cartridge is just the reservoir which supplies the ink to the printer head. When the cleaning cycle does not solve the problem, it has been found that there is a cheap and simple method of unclogging these fine printer nozzles. WINDEX will unclog a print head. The main chemical found in Windex, ammonia, will dissolve that tiny bit of dry ink.
If your print head is not removable, you can inject Windex into an empty ink cartridge and run the head cleaning process and that way get the solution into the print head.
Alcohol, contrary to belief, does NOT unclog the printer heads. It may work for a short while but the alcohol will actually increase the chances of another clog because it dries out the plastic and metals in the printer heads. Do not use Alchohol.
Here are a few more tips for Epson printers:

  • Now and then, turn your printer off whenever you are not using it. Epson runs a cleaning cycle every time it is turned on. This cycle gets the ink flowing though the print head. If you never shut off your printer, it will not run this cycle.
  • Print regularly! This will help keep the ink from drying out in the print head nozzles. This is one of the biggest and most common faults of any inkjet printer. If you do not have a print job in any given week, just print something, anything, but never let a printer stand idle for a long time.

Q: I am afraid to order on the internet. Will my credit card details be made known to people?

A: Absolutely NOT! We use an independent professional secure credit card processor STRIPE and we do not ever see your credit card numbers. Please be assured that with the PAYPAL CHECKOUT, even the staff at Peachtree Ink do not see your credit card details. Paypal only show the last 4 digits and the rest is a secret only known by the Paypal computer system.

Q:   Can I order ink and pay by MONEY ORDER or Check?

A: YES!  To pay by money order create your order as normal and after entering your details,(name and address) Click PAY BY PAYPAL/CHECK/MONEY ORDER , Then PRINT OUT THE ORDER to attach to the check and mail it to us. All the details you will need are on that page but here it is in case you need it The order will come into our system as a “to pay” order. Then send the order that you printed out with the check or money order to:

We will send off the ink order as soon as the Money order or check arrives.You could also just send me, Margie, an email to info@peachtreeink.com,telling me to look out for money order in the mail.I will attend to it as soon as it arrives.

Q: I live outside the USA but I see that PeachtreeInk prices are amazingly low.
Can I order for delivery to my country? How long will the order take to arrive?

A: Excepting for CANADA, there is a problem with the chips being different for each continent. We have only a few models that are suitable for Europe such as the
Generic Canon PGI-35 and CLI-36 are OK for UK
Generic Epson T073 series (T0731/2/3/4) have been tested in  ISRAEL and work jusr fine.
Generic HP02 series are known to be OK for Sweden.
Generic Brother cartridges do not have any chips in them and can therefor be used in any country.
You can order Brother inks from Peachtree Ink for delivery to any country in the world.

The other cartridges are fitted with North American chips and will not work with printers in other countries. If you purchased your printer in Canada or USA then Yes no problem, we will ship the cartridges to you overseas at a small $8.00 Canada shipping surcharge. See our shipping policy for further details.The BROTHER brand is the only one that is universal all over the world. No problems there but HP, Canon and Epson are problem chips for users outside the US or Canada.

Q:   Does a compatible inkjet cartridge void the printer warranty?

A: No. The Printer Warranty is NOT voided. In fact, US legislation was passed to ensure that you are protected at all times from manufacturers who try to wriggle out of a warranty. Unfortunately, name brand printer help-desk employees will try anything to pass on the faults of their products to others and their favorite scapegoat is the innocent, compatible printer cartridge.Congress investigated the issue and decided to pass a law protecting the public. Read it below:

Magnuson-Moss Warranty Improvement Act
Therefore, under no circumstances may any company or associate, salesperson or service technician deny you service or warranty work that would otherwise be covered under the warranty program.

United States Code Annotated Title
15 Commerce and Trade
Chapter 50 Consumer Product Warranties
15 Section 2302

(c) No warrantor of a consumer product may condition his written or implied warranty of such product on the consumer using, in connection with such product, any article or service (other than article or service provided without charge under the terms of the warranty) which is identified by brand, trade or corporate name; except that the prohibition of this subsection be waived by the commission if:

1:The warrantor satisfies the Commission that the warranted product will function properly only if the article or service so identified is used in connection with the warranted product, and if

  1. the Commission finds that such a waiver is in the public interest

Q:  What is the meaning of “WITH CHIP”

Some cartridges work with a computer chip and a note in our catalog saying WITH CHIP is a confirmation that the cartridge comes complete with a new computer chip fitted onto it.

Q: Why is there ink left in my cartridge when it says empty?

A: This issue of ink cartridges not discharging ALL the ink is an age old complaint. It has been designed by the ink cartridge manufacturers to be so for a specific reason and in fact other ink brand manufacturers do the same. We have a Brother printer in our office and the Brother cartridge has a little window where you can actually see the ink and when it is about half way through the ink chip says you need to change cartridges.

 The reason for this is that they do not want the ink to ever get finished because it will affect the printheads. Dry printheads are hard to start up again and in fact get damaged when printing dry. Each cartridge offers a certain milliliter quantity of ink but in fact because ink is such a cheap component of the article they fill the cartridge usually to double its actual level.So in fact the “wasted” ink is free and you did use the ink you were sold and that was measured by the chip. Once the chip senses that you have used up the sold quantity of ink it says the cartridge needs to be changed and wants you to trash the rest of the ink.
With the brother cartridges we have a trick to prolong the usage of ink by covering up that little window but we found that using up the rest of the ink did cause the print heads to go dry and it was such a lot of trouble to get them going again that we decided to just trash the cartridge when it tells us to.

Q: How to install Brother ink cartridges

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