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We ship Generic inks equal to Canon PG35/PG36 and PGI-220/CLI-221ink to UK and Europe
and any USA printer use cartridges anywhere in the world. Our Epson generic ink cartridges work fine in Israel.
We ship Brother generic brand ink cartridges to anywhere in the world because Brother ink cartridges are universal and work everywhere.
Reportedly USA type HP564XL printer ink cartridges works fine in Norway.
We do not do local pick ups.

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Which printer uses the cheapest printer ink? Many to choose from -They are low priced and they work just like the original brand.

Many of our customers ask this question before buying a new printer, WHICH PRINTERS WORK BEST WITH GENERIC INK CARTRIDGES? andWHICH PRINTER USES THE CHEAPEST INK? They are the wise consumers because they will save so much on printer ink over the lifetime of their printer and have fewer problems. Here in this article you will find the brands and models that are the cheapest printers to operate. Be wise, do your research BEFORE you buy a printer.
Here is a comprehensive list, new printers come on the market all the time and we will try to keep adding.
THE MODELS IN RED ARE THE NEWER MODLES ON THE MARKET. (Check Amazon.com for availability)
THE BEST PLACE TO RESEARCH, COMPARE AND ORDER A PRINTER IS ON www.amazon.com. Click the blue link above.
Then type into their search bar “Brother printers” , “Epson printers” “Canon Printers” or “HP printers” This is a one stop place to see them all.
Then always use www.peachtreeink.com to see what is the availability and cost of the aftermarket generic ink replacements.
Remember that the cost of the ink during the printers lifetime will far exceed the printers cost. Be wise and shop proactively.

As far as printers and ink cost/usage is concerned, HP is the worst brand followed by Epson and the best brand in my opinion are the Brother printers. The Brother designed ink cartridges are substantially larger than others for the same price and the print quality is just the same as Epson and Canon and far better than the old type HP printers. HP have recently emulated Brother with a new line of printers and ink cartridges but their OEM brand name ink is still very expensive.
Amazon is the best place to buy Brother printers. Just type in “Brother printers” in the Amazon search bar and see what is available.
Always check what ink it uses and the cost of the ink by using the search bar on our website home page. When researching the printer ink cost find out the model cartridge that the printer uses and then use the search bar on our website – incert only the model number leaving out all the other words like the brand name and printer names. just the simple mubber eg MFC-J425W click GO.
That way you get the printer ink cartridge price and see if it is financially attractive.By doing this you will have a great printer and a great ink price and a good printer ink volume.

If you are considering getting a new printer – my recommendation is the Brother MFC-J425W, (alternatively MFC-J430W) or any similar printer model. These are wonderful machines and works great with for example low cost LC75 printer ink costing $3.95 each.($15.80 for a set of 4) The black ink tank is double sized at no extra cost making it very cost effective. The printer itself costs about $100.
The MFC-J425W is the one we use at our office and it has proved to be a duable, no hassle, cheap to run, printer. Amazon sell these printers and as time goes by they update the printer models available.

The new Brother printer on the market is the MFC-450DW which is a bit more expensive at $150 and the ink also a bit more expensive at $18.50 a set for 4x LC103xl Printer ink cartridges. It is still relatively low cost and the printer will be an excellent choice.

EPSON:STYLUS  CX7000F / CX7400 / CX7450 CX8400 / CX9400 / CX9475Fax
NX100/NX115/NX215/ NX300 / NX400 / NX415 / NX510 / NX515 / NX600/NX633

Epson WORKFORCE printers are good for photo printing but they use 6 ink cartridges which means a bigger cost outlay.
The Epson Workforce WF-4630 or 4640  is probably the worst choice you could have made in printers when just considering ink costs. Each OEM cartridge costs $48 and does not contain all  that much ink in it at all. There are many other printers with the same amount of ink that work perfectly fine with generic ink. We do have the ink for WF-4630 (T786xl) at $48 a set but we are thinking of dicontinueing that line as it is problematic. Not so for all the other types. If you can return that printer for a refund and buy a Brother MFC-J470DW then you can buy problem free ink at $18 a set (LC103XL) and have just as much ink volume.  That is the printer we use in our office and it is very good.

Epson Workforce 320/323/325/520 Epson Workforce 520/545/60/630/633/635/645/840/845
Epson Workforce 60/630/633/625/635/645/845

Epson Artisan
700,710,725,730,800 835 & 810 Epson NX125/127/420/625 NX330/NX430.

Brother MFC-2100C, MFC-215C, MFC-410CN, MFC-420CN, MFC-425CN, MFC-610CLN, MFC-610CLWN, MFC-3240C,MFC-3340CN MFC-5440CN, MFC-5840CN, FAX-1835C, FAX-1840C, FAX-1940CN,FAX-2440C DCP-110C, DCP-115C, DCP-116C, DCP-117C, DCP-120C, DCP-310CN, DCP-315CN, DCP-340CW

Brother MFC-230c MFC-440cn MFC-660cn MFC-240c MFC-465c MFC-665cw MFC-244cn MFC-465cn MFC-685cw MFC-3360c MFC-5460cn MFC-845cw MFC-3660c MFC-5860cn MFC-885cw MFC-3660cn MFC-655cw DCP-130c DCP-350c DCP-750cw DCP-330c DCP-540cn DCP-770c

Brother Intellifax 1360 Intellifax 1960c Intellifax 2480c Intellifax 1860c Intellifax 2460c Intellifax 2580C

r MFC-250c MFC-6490cn MFC-J220 MFC-255cw MFC-6490cw MFC-J265W MFC-290c MFC-6890cdw MFC-J270W MFC-295cn MFC-790cw MFC-J410W MFC-490cw MFC-795cw MFC-J415W MFC-495cw MFC-990cw MFC-J615W MFC-5490cn MFC-J125 MFC-J630W MFC-5890cn

Brother DCP-145C DCP-385C DCP-585CW DCP-163C DCP-385CW DCP-6690cw DCP-165C DCP-395CN DCP-J125 DCP-375CW Brother MFC-J280W,

MFC-J425W, Brother MFC-J430w,($63.00 NEW AT AMAZON),

Brother MFC-J435W,($73.00 NEW AT AMAZON) Brother MFC-J5910DW, Brother MFC-J625DW,
Brother MFC-J6510DW, Brother MFC-J6710DW, Brother MFC-J6910dw, Brother MFC-J825DW,
Brother MFC-J835DW ($128 NEW AT AMAZON)
For the newer updated models go to Amazon.com and do a search for BROTHER PRINTERS.

Always check Amazon, type in “Brother Printers” in their search bar and see what comes up.
Do not be afraid to buy a good used printer as they are warrentied and all the used printers we have
bouight have been excellent, like new.

Good CANON Printers (low ink price- great print quality)
Canon Pixma IP4820, IP4920,ix6520,ix6550, MG5120,           
CANON PIXMA IP3600,IP4600,IP4700,
MX860,MX870 and MX892

The Brother , Epson and Canon printers will give you the lowest cost per page because they operate well with generic inks and the generic ink cartridges sell at a much lower cost than HP and Lexmark. For Hp and Lexmark printers, read  below. Epson will give you a lot of problems with print head drying out and clogging if you do not use your printer every day.
All the older HP, Lexmark and Dell Color cartridges are 3 in one printer ink units, so the color ink which has 3 compartments are very small compartments with very little ink in them. The cost of one re-manufactured color ink cartridge will be about $15.00 but you get only a tiny bit of ink, whereas 3 x color cartridges will also cost about the same, that is  $12.00 for original ($3.95 each for generic) but you get a huge amount of ink by comparison. The black printer ink cartridges for the HP, Lexmark and Dell will cost about $10 compared to the $3.95 for the Brother, Epson and Canon black ink cartridges and once again so much more black ink in the Brother, Epson and Canon generic ink cartridge. Furthermore, the HP, Lexmark and Dell ink cartridges use a sponge delivery system, meaning that the ink inside the ink cartridge is held in place by a sponge which never totally discharges all the ink. The Brother, Epson and Canon cartridges are liquid ink tanks which are often offered in a see through type of tank, where you can actually see the amount of ink inside. You can keep printing until all the liquid is totally out, simply by ignoring the “low ink” message, and that gives you so many more pages to print.
Never print until ALL the ink is dry as this will dry your printheads and cause problems when you change out the cartridges. The cost savings are obvious in the Brother, Epson and Canon generic ink cartridges and also you will get a better print result when using these after market ink cartridges.

If you are considering getting a new printer – my recommendation is the Brother MFC-J470W, this is a wonderful machine and works great with low cost printer ink. The black ink tank is double sized at no extra cost making it very cost effective. The printer itself costs under $100.

Hp has now recently decided to heed the cries from consumers and have decided to redesign some of their newer printer ink cartridges to be like the Brother, Epson and Canon type. I refer to the  HP901xl, HP 920XL, HP932xl, HP940XL, HP950XL and HP564XL cartridge ranges. For any HP printers using these ink cartridges I will give them a thumbs up as you will get great value out of the new humungous 55ml black ink cartridges that deliver a staggering 1,200 page yield with a generic ink cartridge costing below $10.00 (Compare this to the old page yield of 190 pages)  The HP564XL black ink cartridge gives you 800 pages which also is not a bad page yield. This new type of printer ink cartridge series is a geat value and thumbs up to Hp who finally woke up. Even Lexmark now has one particular ink cartridge range, the Lexmark 100XL cartridge range, that is also the newer type of cartridge system. Lexmark have even gone as far as leaving off the computer chip so there will be no chip interference with the operation of the printer and that also means we can ship these printer ink cartridges to all countries of the world. We can see by this move, that Lexmark is desperate to regain some market share and that is OK. Lexmark and Hp printers are functionally excellent machines as long as the ink cartridges are not designed to extort the consumer.

I am adding the “GOOD” HP and Lexmark printer models below:
(New models come on the market every month)
HP Printers

PhotoSmart B8500 PhotoSmart C5383 PhotoSmart D5463
PhotoSmart B8550 PhotoSmart C5388 PhotoSmart D5468
PhotoSmart B8553 PhotoSmart C5390 PhotoSmart D7500
PhotoSmart B8558 PhotoSmart C5393 PhotoSmart D7560
PhotoSmart C309A PhotoSmart C6300 PhotoSmart eStation All-in-One
PhotoSmart C309C PhotoSmart C6324 PhotoSmart eStation C510
PhotoSmart C309g PhotoSmart C6340 PhotoSmart Plus
PhotoSmart C310a PhotoSmart C6350 PhotoSmart Plus B210
PhotoSmart C510 PhotoSmart C6375 PhotoSmart Premium C310a
PhotoSmart C510a PhotoSmart C6380 PhotoSmart Premium e-All-in-One
PhotoSmart C5300 PhotoSmart C6383 PhotoSmart Premium Fax
PhotoSmart C5324 PhotoSmart C6388 PhotoSmart Premium Fax All-in-One
PhotoSmart C5370 PhotoSmart D5400 PhotoSmart Premium Fax C410a
PhotoSmart C5373 PhotoSmart D5445 PhotoSmart TouchSmart Web All-in-One
PhotoSmart C5380 PhotoSmart D5460  
OfficeJet Pro 8100 ePrinter OfficeJet Pro 8600 OfficeJet Pro 8600 e-All-in-One
OfficeJet Pro 8000 OfficeJet Pro 8500
OfficeJet 6000 OfficeJet 6500a OfficeJet 7000
OfficeJet 6500 OfficeJet 6500a Plus OfficeJet 7500a


Pinnacle Pro901 Pro205 Pro901
Platinum Pro905 Pro705 Pro905
Prestige Pro805 Pro805 Prospect Pro205
Prevail Pro705    
Impact S301 Intuition S505 S605
Impact S305 S305 S815 Genesis
Interact S605 S405 S816 Genesis
Interpret S405 S505


for color laser printers we find that most brand printers work just great.
The thing to consider most at this point is the cost of replacement toner
cost and page count.What is the cost per color copy.
The Brother color printer here costs $65 a set for 2500 pages= 2.6c a color copy
The Canon color printer costs $85 for a set and will do 2200 color prints= 3.8c a copy
The Hp color printer here costs $90.00 a set and does 5000 color copies =1.8c a color copy
This is an example of how you would cost out your color print costs.
You can do this with any number of color printers but you probably will not go below 2c a color copy.
Some printers in fact will cost up to 28c a color copy but we can do it at much lower costs per page.

If you do not see your prospective printer listed here email Margie info@peachtreeink.com and ask her to research it for you free of any obligation.

Hope this helps

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